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Full Moon

Old Fashioned Infusion Kit

Old Fashioned Infusion Kit

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The perfect Old Fashioned is at your fingertips with this super simple kit. Just empty the contents in to one of the empty mason jars in your pantry, add 12 oz of spirits and infuse in the fridge for three days, then strain. Voila! A jar of cocktail ready to be sipped. Sip over ice or make a cocktail by topping with soda water or orange juice.

Store infused spirits in the fridge.

Pictured sugar cubes are not included with the kit, but they are available separately!

Plays well with:

Old Fashioned Sugar Cubes

Cardamom + Vanilla Simple Syrup

Cranberry Spice Simple Syrup

Turkish Coffee Simple Syrup

Ingredients: apricot, cherry, orange

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